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steitsch 10/22/2015 5:09 PM
Listen to FWradio and share it on facebook. 1000 listens and 200 shares get us a gift pack.
steitsch 9/1/2015 9:39 PM
Listen to FWRadio so we can all get a prize package
steitsch 8/27/2015 10:44 PM
Stilll no word on the level 100 update. Isuspect sometime after we retake SoO.
steitsch 8/13/2015 8:01 PM
FW will be bringing down the servers at 11pm PST to bring you the next installment of our ongoing saga of Forsaken World... Vengeance.
steitsch 8/13/2015 8:01 PM
There is no ETA as to when we will bring the servers back online. Because of the maintenance you will not be able to access the live servers so we apologize for the inconvienience.
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We Are Moving Update #2

steitsch, Nov 20, 15 10:09 AM.
Our new site is up and active, please us one of the below links to access it and register. We have some new features and a 30 slot Mumble server. If you need the launch code, in game message me.

We Are Moving Update

steitsch, Nov 10, 15 1:53 PM.
Our new site is active:

There is a launch code in the Guild Slogan in the game that bypasses the Guild Application process on our new site. You will still need to set up an account with We have paid for the site which allows us to remove the adds. This includes a voice server and 10 megabytes of file storage.

Sadly, due to changes at I am unable to import our membership list from to the new site.


steitsch, Nov 8, 15 11:17 AM.
We are moving to a new site:

You may need to register again, I am looking at how to import users on the new site if it is possible.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

coryheart, Jul 16, 12 1:36 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!

Welcome to VSQReserve

We are glad to have you join us!    

Where did we come from... and where do we want to go?

VSQReserve: Way back in the past, I joined a Lionheart Reserve, as it turns out it was LHR 4. There was a great group of people in it who helped each other and quested together, despite that most LHR's are thought of as temporary stepping stones. As many other groups of players have done, we decided to form a "real" Guild, so that we could invite others in, and eventually win a Base.

We agonized over the guild name, and felt that we should keep "Reserve" in the name because that is how we had banded together and played together for so long - we were quite proud of - and loyal to - the Reservist title. We discussed and discussed, back and forth, really with no one taking up the gauntlet. Two members eventually decided to grab that particular bull by the horns and just plain do it! I came up with the VSQR part, because I knew what those initials stood for, and it fit us.

If you have ever looked at a bottle of fine cognac or brandy, and noted the VSQR designation on some of them... then you know our secret! VSQR stands for the best of the best: Very Special Quality Reserve, and we felt that was a fitting reminder of both our high ideals and our Reservist origin.

I founded VSQReserve, and we gathered up all of our LHR4 children and became a "real" Guild, eventually taking on the quest of securing a Guild Base. That part is a long story, the next installment is from Akecheta, the Leader of the Honour Guild:


---------------------------Re: Where did we come from... and where do we want to go

Woot! Thnx myto for starting this thread. 

Well to pickup the story where myto left off. We met one day/night in the gloomy forest while I was on my quest to find the spot where the griffin soul spawns (I was in the wrong area, but Idk that at the time, lol). So I saw myto and asked if he knew where the griffin soul spawned (that's when I found out myto was a she, lol). She promised to show me but to this day hasn't, lol. 

Anyway, at that time I was the guild leader of the Honour guild (I used to be the league master of the Honour league on acclaim's (now game campus) version of 9dragons. So once I left 9d I decided to start a guild here on FW n chose Honour as it's name. 

Originally, Honour consisted of just me and my priest Nuttha, then I met Lady_Sayori, GraniteSlab and Coryheart (Cory helped kill the demon Marshall in Vydra's Tear, SoO). G n Lady introduced me to topcat gaming community and i met TCLouhi, TCred, Vagrant, Z, and many others through TCGC. 

A few weeks/months passed and myto n me stayed in touched, the members of Honour were capping out job lvl's and needed a base so one day while chatting w/myto she suggested we merge guilds. The idea of merging guilds was scary for several reasons. The biggest is the thought of losing your guild identity, so i shelved the idea for a few days than began speaking to G about it; he was apprehensive about the idea as well. 

So time passed and Honour went through a change in admin n TCLouhi became my vice guild leader and so I called a guild meeting and myself, TCLouhi, Z, and Coryheart made the decision to merge the Honour guild with VSQR so that both guilds could benefit from the merge. Honour having active members and VSQR having the financial means to acquire a base (which still hasn't come to fruition and not because of a lack of trying, lol). And as the saying goes the rest is history. 

All that being said I would like to tell everyone thanks for joining our guild and making it what it is today and I look forward to it improving as we continue to grow in size and individual levels, thnx all.


Mytocles (MY-toe-cleez)

"Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most!"
- I don't remember who said it, and probably neither do they...

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